The Sourcing Factory evolved from Blitz by Design, a well-known design and manufacturing company founded in 2004. As the manufacturing needs of our clients have transformed over the years, so too have we. The Sourcing Factory now procures your products from Asia for remarkable prices, while continuing to maintain its reputation for high quality products.

The Sourcing Factory is a family run business that specialises in product design, procurement, total project management and delivery to your location.

With its main office located in Melbourne, The Sourcing Factory employs staff both locally and overseas. Management regularly travel to Asia to oversee projects and ensure quality is maintained every step of the way. The Sourcing Factory also undertakes some manufacturing locally in Australia.

Ethical Policy

Ethical sourcing is an issue we take very seriously. At The Sourcing Factory we believe that all workers have the right to a fair wage, reasonable work hours and a safe working environment. We go to great lengths to ensure The Sourcing Factory’s products are ethically sourced.

Environmental Sustainability

At The Sourcing Factory we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. We incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all areas of our

business – from choosing our suppliers to reducing waste at the office. We also promote ecologically sound designs wherever possible to ensure The Sourcing Factory supplies products that are both sustainable and practical.

We Do More than Just Source

• Design and prepare production drawings
• Prototype manufacturing – In Australia and Asia
• Cost Down re-engineering• Contract manufacturing
• Total Project Management
• Shipping, local warehousing and distribution• Consolidate importing taxes and fees