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Our Products are Engineered and Manufactured to our Strict Quality and Ethical Standards.

All our products are
Practical and Functional.

High Quality
Engineered Design

All Materials Used Comply with International Standards

Quality Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

The Education Factory is a family run business that specializes in product design, manufacture, procurement and total project management. We provide our valued clients with the very best solutions for their Makerspace using our combined total of more than 50 years of manufacturing and engineering experience.

There are no limits to the scope of our projects. Our ability to utilize knowledge and work collaboratively with school leaders and educators creates exceptional Maker Spaces for your STEM and STEAM learning
spaces. Together with The Room Design and our innovative furniture, we will help facilitate the STEM and STEAM curriculum at an affordable price.

With our head office located in Melbourne, The Education Factory employs staff both locally and overseas to manage all projects from concept to completion. In doing so, we provide peace of mind to our clients in knowing that we are there through every step of the process, creating the ideal learning space for any area.

At The Education Factory

We incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all areas of our business – from specifying raw materials with our supplier to reducing waste at the office. We also promote ecologically sound designs wherever possible to ensure

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive design and engineering experience allows us to manufacture to any budget

Save Time

We've got the resources and the know-how to make every project as efficient as possible.

10+ Years Experience

Experienced in design,procurement and manufacturing. We know the most practical ways to get the job done.

International Staff

The Education Factory has staff located throughout the Asia Pacific Region, ensuring we are across all projects from concept to completion.