Designed for Learning

The Education Factory is always excited to share our newest developments that enhance classrooms and learning spaces for students and educators. With our high-quality furniture and service, we work with alongside our clients to provide them with their ideal learning space, ensuring design and products meet the needs of their specific space.

The Education Factory evolved from Blitz by Design, a well-known design and manufacturing company founded in 2004. As the needs of our clients have transformed over the years, we have adapted alongside them. We offer a range of services from design, manufacturing, procurement to spatial planning, logistics or total project management.

At TEF, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment, incorporating sustainable practices into all areas of our business – from specifying raw materials with our supplier to reducing waste in our office. We also promote ecologically sound designs wherever possible to ensure TEF supplies products that are both sustainable and practical, all with low VOC levels to ensure the future health of all our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive design and engineering experience allows us to manufacture to any budget

Save Time

We've got the resources and the know-how to make every project as efficient as possible.

10+ Years Experience

Experienced in design, procurement and manufacturing. We know the most practical ways to get the job done.

International Staff

The Education Factory has staff located throughout the Asia Pacific Region, ensuring we are across all projects from concept to completion.